Chantal Akerman at Cinemateque Quebecoise

Chantal Akerman is giving a retrospective at Montreal's 'Cinematheque Quebecoise'. From September 28 to October 15, 2006. On September 28 she personally introduced the following screenings: 'Saute ma ville' the first movie she made when she was 18 (1968). It's about an individual which she interprets herself. It is a very spontaneous movie where adolescence can be felt. Her most recent movie was screened as well: 'Là-bas (2006)'. It is a movie, which shows scenes in an apartment in Tel Aviv. It is more a memorial piece with autobiographical parts. In addition to the camera framing there is also audio parts, as for instance phone calls answered by the filmmaker. Esthetically, it is a very slow going movie with a fixed camera. Considering also the extended duration is reminding me Michel Snow's Wavelength, an Example of Canada's Experimental Cinema.

Brigitte Schuster
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