Colin Low presents some of his movies

Colin Low, was invited to talk and present some of his movies at Concordia, Communications department at Loyola Campus in the occasion of class by Dr. Dennis Murphy.

Colin Low showed the documentarty "Moving pictures", a documentary, in collaboration with National Film Board Canada, reflecting his own biography. This movie faesture also his experiences with war. Horses and etching have also always been part of his life.

Further, he talks about the movie, "Circle of the Sun", that thought him most about ethics. It talks about the Indian culture that is more than 7000 years old. He explained that he needed 7 years to prepare the movie and get approvals.

He suggested to keep objectiveness, when looking at things. "You should create self-awareness, something you can only achieve from looking at yourself from the outside."

Now, at the age of 81, Colin is still very active and keen on finishing up a few of his projects: One of them has to do with stereoscopy, the other with 4-dimensinol, animated model of "Periodic Table of the Elements".

Concluding he talks about what he learned in his 50 years of movie making career: Being with people, learning not only about problems, but also values of society, and about the individual itself. And also to know what patience means.

Gordon Martin, retired now, but active in film education at the NFB, commented on this: "Patience for learning also, because the person the one who makes the film, is the one who learns most." Gordon Martin mentioned Lotte Reiniger, a know German animation movie maker using silhouettes in her animations.

Brigitte Schuster
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