Environmental activist. Dr. David Suzuki gives a talk at Concordia University, Montreal

 David Suzuki  at Concordia University hall building speaking at the front podium with a large public

On April 3, 2008, I attended Dr. David Suzuki's talk at Concordia University, Montreal.The talk was introduced by speakers who promoted the following projects: Sustainable Concordia and Generations Pact.

Suzuki explained why the world’s environmental situation became so problematic. He started off 150.000 years ago, when we were just a few human beings in this world. In 1900 we were already 1.5 billion and today we reached over 6,6 billion. We represent more than any other creature in this world, more than mice, rabbits or rats.

Another factor is that we changed from a rural style of living to a life in the city, which is an artificial environment that is totally disconnected from nature.

Furthermore, especially after world war second, we started getting more and more involved into consumerism and left our technological footprint on this earth with clothes, air travels, products, etc.

Suzuki also claims that the Media doesn’t bother about environmental issues. Already in 1992, important writings had been accomplished to make people aware of upcoming environmental issues, but all of that had not been considered as news worthy and was reported by not any newspaper.

Economists also seem not ignore the importance of the biosphere and environment. Once, it will be distorted the economy will be worthless either. Suzuki predicts that the expontentionally growing economy won't increase infinitely.

Susuki compares the earth with a basket ball surrounded by the biosphere which is thin and sensitive like a varnish.

The book "The Sacred Balance: A Visual Celebration of Our Place in Nature" explains what we can do to meet our basic needs and create a way of life that is ecologically sustainable.

His book "God news for a change" features solutions on how we can change our lifestyle to prevent a biological catastrophe.

In the talk Susuki encourages our generation to take on and do the change, a step that his generation failed to do. Suzuki invited people to sign a petition at the Suzuki Foundation web site.

Brigitte Schuster
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