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Walking in Montreal

I have been living in Montreal for almost one year. When I first came here everything was quite exciting. I was aware of every little difference related to my hometown or other places where I used to live.

In the meantime, I got used to this city. My perception is less focused: things that I first considered weird are part of my normal/daily life have faded from my perceptions. Getting used to something new is a pretty fast process. In order to avoid forgetting my first perceptions I am in the process of starting a documentation project.

Things in my new city that I still consider unusual will be revealed through my subjective perspective. Basically, I will publish a series of articles about social and physical dimensions of this city containing images and texts. I can get inspired everywhere and by everything surrounding me: by a neighborhood, by a space, by conversations with citizens, ...

The goal of my research is to find out more about the differences and similarities between the lifestyles of North America and those of my European origins. It's a personal project, but it's also information intended for anybody interested in finding out more about the Montreal's lifestyle.

The following articles are part of the project:

Brigitte Schuster
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