Real time video and sound installation at at Usine C

"Je ne, laboratoire d'un teatre poetique"

"Je ne, laboratoire d'un teatre poetique" was presented at Usine C on February 25, 2007 for the festival "Temps d'images Montreal" with the director Daniel Danis, the sound expert Jean-Michel Dumas, the video editor Nelly-Eve Rajotte and the actor Marie-Pascale. It is a French collaboration project.

A poetic text containing the story of a man, who crashed with his plane and transformed due to the healing process of his wounds by a shaman into a woman, is presented on a visual and audio level. The audience has access to the cardboard installations in the whole rehearsal room. Videos are projected in real time. Archives and directly created digicam videos are used. These are executed by charcoal drawings on a light table, which are filmed and screened simultaneously. Sound is created in real time and mixed with sound archives.

Brigitte Schuster
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