Cultural Life during my Paris trip in November 2006

Mois de la photo-OFF

As I stayed in Paris for my Show "Locations. Special Montreal Places" during the photography festival "Mois de la Photo-OFF" from November 16 to 26 I had also the opportunity to explore Paris' cultural life during that time. I went to see these events:

Including my own show # 93 Galerie des Ateliers d'artistes de Belleville, Brigitte Schuster I saw 12 of the 101 the following Mois de la photo-OFF shows:

# 21 Centre Culturel Suedois, le Café Suedois, Amelie Radkiewicz 15 portraits of Swedish woman in their homes.

# 14 Laveries Mars, Bénédicte Lassalle,Vittorio Mortarotti and Bénédite Topuz.Three photographers show their work in three different Laundromats.

# 44 Galerie l'oeuil ouvert, Bruno Dieudonne Bruno Dieudonne is inspired by a text by Hervé Guibert named "L'autobus", and photographs scenes of Berlin. The Gallery l'oeuil ouvert has a pretty interesting way of distributing the artist's work: Every stamp is limited to an edition of 500 and signed by the artist. Mounted on aluminum the prints are available in small or large formats.

# 46 coin Canal, Véronique Mercier. Véronique Mercier shoots used, abandoned christmas trees in the town of Paris

# 48 Espace Beaurepaire. At Espace Beaurepaire several artists photograph the subject "passage du temps" (passage of time)

# 49 Wanted Paris. Ten new photographers show their work in the Gallery Wanted which used to be a factory at the time.

# 66 Bercy Village. 24 Heures/24 Photographes. Sofas in Europe, 24 gazes on 24 capitals. 24 photographers shoot at the same time the life of a family.

# 76 Cité internationale Universitaire de Paris Sylviane Masson. Foreign students write on a chalckboard what they miss in their adaptive country compared to their home country. Their portrait is taken in front of their university building.

# 87 Gare Magenta, Cyril Fakiri, Laurent Julliand, Mehrak, David Metra, Jérôme Vila. 5 photojournalistes of question the perception of the image as well as the border to the real using their photography.

# 94 La Cordonnerie. Cécile Debise: Daily life of women in Ouzbékistan Célia Bonnin: Parc of Belleville

One photographer presented a project with 300 DINA 3 posters on a city wall in Rue Charlot/corner rue de Bretagne. Each poster was composed by the selfportrait of an individual looking towards the sky. He found the models in a parc.

Other Expositions:

The photographer Lee Friedlander at the Museum Jeu de paume

Palais de Tokyo: "Cinq milliards d'années".

Musee Rodin: 'Rodin. Les figures d'Eros'. Rodin's Erotic Drawings and watercolour drawings 1890-1917.

Centre Georges Pompidou: Yves Klein and Robert Rauschenberg.

Fondation Cartier: Garry Hill and Japanese artist Tabaimo.

Maison Européenne de la Photographie:

Looking at Vu: A photographic magazine: 1928-1940.

The Paris Month of Photography: Andre Kertesz, Rip Hopkins, Martin Kollar et Tiane Doan Na Champassak.

And other photographers: Philippe Ramette, Nina Dick, Eva Frapiccini, Beate Guetschow, C. and E.Krecké , Marek Kvetan.

Agence Eurorscg: Photographie de presse.

Centre culturel suedois: Nona Korhonen: "Ma mère américaine".

Voeux d'artistes Paris.

"La forge de Belleville" is a place with artist studios in a former forge.

Some amazing restaurants and bars:

+ Rouleau de Printemps, Specialités Chinoises Vietnamiennes Thailandaises, 42, rue de Tourtille, Paris 20ième, T 01 46 36 98 95, open from 11.30am to 3.30pm and 7pm a 11pm (closed on Wednesdays), Metro Belleville + "Chez mon oncle le vigneron", 2, rue Pradier, Paris 19ième, T 01 42 00 43 30, Feels like someone's home. One have to call in the afternoon to make a reservation. Very tasty food and wine. Metro Belleville + Le Domaine Leopold, Bistrot à vins, 36 rue Leopold Bellan, Paris 2ième, T 01 45 08 45 83, Metro Sentier + Couscous, "Chez Kiki" , Corner rue Rébeval/Boulevard de la villette, Metro Belleville + "Les Pataques", Rue Jouye Rouve, Metro Belleville, Bar alternative + Café anime la mer à boire, 1/3 rue des Envierges, Paris 20ième, T/F 01 43 58 29 43, Metro Pyrenées
Brigitte Schuster
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