Felix Kubin performes at Sala Rosa in Montreal

Felix Kubin's album axalotl lullabies

On the occasion of the Suoni per il popolo Festival, which took place from June 1- 26, 2007, Felix Kubin performed at Sala Rosa, Montreal on June 26, 2007. He is an experimental electroacoustic artist from Germany.

I managed to get a ticket in the sold-out concert thanks to someone in the line behind me having a ticket over. He came all the way from Vancouver to see this concert.

Felix Kubin's musical style varies and goes from electro-acoustic music to pop sci-fi, to futuristic songs. He is also interested in research of sounds. He gave a workshop on who to provide live soundtracks to a selection of films. People were encouraged to bring their blips and bleeps via portable recorders, laptops and other noise generators, and experiment with it.

Brigitte Schuster


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Jeff Everden’s photoJeff Everden replied on

Hi Brigitte,

How are you? Hope all is well and groovy for you. I am the fellow from the Kubin show that had the extra ticket. I was going through my wallet and found your card. Been checking out your pages and your design work. Very nice stuff!! Stumbled on the reference to the Kubin show!! So, wishing you all the best and hope you are still enjoying Montreal. Take care and bye for now,

Jeff Everden

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