Interfaces Montreal at SAT

Interface[s] Montreal is an event, which assembles the latest innovations in the field of digital interfaces. In its second edition two workshops and eight demo-conferences will be presented at the SAT, where experts, creators, designers and entrepreneurs in the fields of digital imaging, sound and networks will exchange their knowledge and create new alliances.

The Conference-demo of October 03, 2006 was entitled 'Immersion and Virtual Reality' and was approached by very different fields.

There was philosophical approach of non-existence of the three dimensional space. A scientific one mentions control systems and human sensory. The question was raised why Montreal is an international hub for games, 3D animation, and military simulation. A game developer demonstrated his recent project, an interactive game for children. There was also presented a motion system for home entertainment applications.

It is amazing that so different fields can approach one unique subject matter. At the end this gives a broader and deeper understanding of the whole. I also liked the way the event was organized. A 'networking buffet' previous to the conference allowed contacting other people. There is also the chance to sign up on the website after participating in one event and get in touch with people this way.

Brigitte Schuster
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