Handset typography and letterpress workshop with Martin Dufour

Letterpress case of the typeface Nicolas Cochin

In February 2008, I started the handset typography and letterpress workshop offered at Atelier Circulaire that is one of Montreal's collective intaglio centres besides Graff, the Zocalo, Concordia University's printing department and UQAM's printing department.

I did my first attempts and exercised myself in composing letter by letter. This is a quite patience-demanding mission. It enables us to accomplish our personal project that is part of the workshop. More information about that will be posted in a few weeks...

The text 'Brigitte Schuster compose son nom en Nicolas Cochin' on a paper sheet

Brigitte's hand holding a letterpress composition with her Name

Part of letterpress case showimg the label with the name of the typeface which is Nicolas Cochin

Letterpress Set which has been prepared for printing

Letterpress set up on printing machine

Application of ink on letterpress printing machine

Papersheet on Letterpress

Brigitte Schuster


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Karene’s photoKarene replied on

Do you still teach Letterpressing? I am really looking to learn and have found no sources in Montreal. Please let me know.


kidda eddie’s photokidda eddie replied on

Hey? thanks for good image of printing. I want to assist me on providing the composing letters so that I can use it on my daily work. if you have something to tell write on that address, thanks

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