Usine C project Roy

Usine C offers a showcase of the most up-to-date developments in contemporary theatre, dance and music at an international level in Montreal. The project Roy was shown on September 27, 2006. It is a contemporary dance project by the choreographers Louise Bédard, Helene Blackburn and Danièle Desnoyers. Ken Roy, one of Canada's most important dancers on the Canadian contemporary dance scene interpreted the piece accompanied by the piano by Matthieu Fortin who played Chopin.

The show is reduced to minimal elements: the dancer and the music are interacting. Although guided by the music the dancer's movements seem to be random, there is a mixture of slow and fast parts. The piano is loud, sometimes there is no sound at all, the lightning is barely percepted: it is either dark or bright, so is the dance which is slow and fast, so is the music, which is silent and loud.. The perfect piece-for a minimalist taste.

Brigitte Schuster


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