Calligraphy workshop with Denise Lach at Laval University's summer school in Perce

Denise Lach gave a calligraphy workshop on "Written Textures" organized by Laval University's summer school, Ecole internationale d'ete de Perce de l'Universite Laval, in Perce, QC, CA.

At the end of the 5-day course we worked on a personal project. I chose to explore writing tools, which I was able to find in my surroundings, such as stones and wood from the beach, seeds, fir cones, fir wood branches, toothpicks, a colapen or a pipette. I used the tools with regular black ink on white paper.

At this point, I was not interested in creating perfect letter shapes. Instead, I wanted to research the characteristics of each specific tool. The ways of manipulating a tool, such as scratching, stamping, using a soft or stiff hand, etc. can lead to very different results. Most tools are hard to control and random effects appear. This is just a small overview of the variety of tools that can be used for writing...

The project:

writing tools and abc

Wood branch:

abc written with a wood branch

wood branch

Fir Cone:

Fir Cone

abc written with a fir cone


abc written with a seed

abc stamped with a seed



thin abc written with pipette

thick abc written with pipette


Fir tree branch:

abc written with fir tree branch

fir tree branch


abc written with stone



abc written with thick wood

abc written with thin wood



abc written with toothpick



abc written with colapen


Denise Lach explains the use of some tools during the workshop:

Denise Lach using the pipette as a writing tool

Denise Lach using the wood as a writing tool

Brigitte Schuster


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Louis Lemoine’s photoLouis Lemoine replied on

brigitte... loved your article on denise. is there a contact info . to get in touch with denise? I am teaching a ruling pen workshop in july, and wanted to let denise know what an inspiration she has been to me. please let me know how to contact her if you can. thank you in advance... louis lemoine

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