My Locations Montreal Places photography project in a Parisian gallery

This is the cropped image of one of the photos of the series Locations - Special Montreal Places which is shown at the Mois de la Photo-OFF in Paris in November 2006

"Locations. Special Montreal Places", a series of 13 prints (size is 20 x 24"), which has been shot during my first stay in Montreal in 2004, will be shown in occasion to the photography festival "Mois de la Photo-OFF" at the Parisian Gallery "Galerie des Ateliers d'Artistes de Belleville" from November 16 to 26, 2006. The "Festival du Mois de la Photo-OFF" is a partner event of the 14th edition of the "Mois de la Photo à Paris 2006", the "Mois Européen de la Photographie", which is the European month of photography.

For this project I chose to photograph people who are part of my daily life. Some of them are close friends, while others are simply acquaintances. Nevertheless my process remains the same for all the sitters. I ask each model to choose an ideal location for their portrait. My intention is to show how different personalities are revealed through clothing, props, location and physiognomy. This process allows me to discover new people, new faces, and a new found home.

In July of this year a weird thing happened: The prints were destroyed in a fire which occurred in my friends department in Paris where I stored them. The work has been reproduced. Luckily I still had the negs, and if not, I would have had the digital scans on my computer hard drive, and if not I would have had the digital scans burnt on CD. This is the good thing about photography, it can be reproduced, one of the many reasons why...I love photography.

This is the image of an apartment in Paris which has been destroyed by fire

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Brigitte Schuster
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