Photo exposition about the Favela Ilha de Deus in Brazil

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Donation goes to *Carangejo Uca - in the fall of 2003 I photographed the people of FAVELA - Ilha de Deus and their surroundings in Recife/Brazil. Thanks to the cooperation to Brazilian association casadobrasil the work has been shown in April 2005 in the international cultural space in Munich 'EineWeltHaus Muenchen inc.' The show had also an online representation FAVELA - Ilha de Deus. The German-Brazilian magazine BRAZINE, No. 13 (07/15/05 - 09/15/05), which circulates in Germany, Austria and Switzerland also published an article.

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Besides there was provided the sales of designer t-shirts and designer-fabric bags to support the *Caranguejo Uca through the website as well as through the promotion of 'casadobrasil'. *Caranguejo Uca promotes the social, economic, political and cultural growth of the FAVELA - Ilha de Deus projects.

We sold a first part of the products and collected the amount of EUR 219 (650 Reais). Thanks to network relations German representants in Recife delivered the money on September 18, 2005. There took place a meeting with group members of *Caranguejo Uca (Edson, Luisa Pitanga) as well as people of this community. It has been decided to buy a DVD-player and computer equipment for the project *Caranguejo Uca.*Caranguejo Uca is working on getting an equipped office to facilitate communication between the community and external institutions. All members, most of them part of the FAVELA - Ilha de Deus community, work as volunteers.

They need further support for *Caranguejo Uca activities. Support them! Of the limited edition of 20 t-shirts and 12 fabric bags are still some left. The designer t-shirts are available in men and women size (S,M,L,XL) for EUR 19,00 (this amount goes to *Caranguejo Uca) designer fabric bags, size 22 x 34 cm, are available for EUR 12 EUR (this amount goes to *Caranguejo Uca).

(Further activities and events of *Caranguejo Uca will be published on this site.)

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Christian Henke’s photoChristian Henke replied on

Bom dia, greetings und guten Tag, Frau Schuster, soeben wurde ich in Andeutung auf das Weihnachtsfest auf Ihre Seite und das Angebot an T-Shirts und Taschen von meiner Tochter aufmerksam gemacht. Moeglicherweise kennen Sie Susanne Henke sogar, sie hat voriges Jahr eine Zeitlang in Recife gelebt und (projekt-)gearbeitet. Wie auch immer, ich moechte bei Ihnen - 1 Damen-T-Shirt (L) - 1 Design-Tasche verbindlich bestellen. Bitte teilen Sie mir mit, auf welches Konto ich den Betrag zu zahlen habe. Ich wuensche Ihnen und Ihrem Supportprojekt stetigen Erfolg und grueße Sie aus dem aeußersten Osten D-Lands: Christian Henke Schleiermacherstr. 36a D-02906 Niesky

Victor’s photoVictor replied on

Dear md Brigitte Schuster. I am studie urban sociology in Recife. I development a research about the relacion between slum, medias and social change. The Ilha de Deus and Caranguejo Uçá are a very important case study actually. So, I found your pictures 'pinhole' in a old google search. Could you send me your this place work? Will help me so much! I promess give your credits for work in my futures articles.

Apreciate, Victor Montenegro.

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