Eye-catching observations in Halifax and Nova Scotia, Canada

This is an attempt to create a personal portrait of the city of Halifax and surroundings in Nova Scotia, Canada. I have being spending a few weeks here and these are my observations:

buildings of banks in Halifax

This photograph could have been taken in any Canadian city, however, it is a photograph taken in Halifax. It features buildings of banks that one can find anywhere in Canada: CIBC and TD CanadaTrust.

Tim Hortons cup on street

Tim Hortons: the Canadian coffee brand. Tim Hortons takeout products leave their traces in the nature.

Street with power poles in Halifax

Power poles are in most parts of the city. I was told that it is quite expensive to put them under earth due to the hard soil. For the same reason, oil-fired heating is more spread than gas heating.

Street with no poles in Halifax

A rich street just north of Park Point Pleasant can afford to put electrical wires subsurface and avoid poles.

View of Park Point Pleasant with little tall trees

Halifax is a hurricane affected area: Traces are visible at Park Point Pleasant. It has lost 80% of its trees due to a hurricane Juan in 2003, which is sometimes considered Atlantic Canada's most widely destructive hurricane in over a century. Only the fittest trees survived.

Local craft objects on poles in Halifax

Street art. "Local Craft. Please be nice". One can take some of the craft objects attached to the pole in exchange for some money or goods. There is quite a few poles in town containing these objects. Artist unknown.

ad to fight with Canadian forces in Halifax

"Fight with the Canadian forces" ad.

Ocean view in the heart of the city of Halifax

Ocean view in the heart of the city.

Port of Halifax with a seagull in the foreground

Halifax port.

Cruise ship seen from inside Halifax town

Cruise ships go on land here. One can hear the ships or see parts of them. One can also meet their travelers in town.

Sea view of Rainbow Haven Beach

Beautiful beaches just fifteen minutes by car or two hours by bike (this is how I get around here) away from downtown Halifax. This is Rainbow Haven Beach.

Street name written in conrete of pavewalk

Street names are written into the sidewalks at the beginning of each street. Letters have been pressed into the liquid concrete.

Orange hydrant on streets

Orange hydrants - not red - like in most cities.

Ancient graveyard

Graveyards. I have not seen a city with that many graveyards before. This is an ancient graveyard with stone carvings from the 18th century.

Graveyard in Dartmouth

Graveyard in Dartmouth.

Graveyard near Queen Street in Halifax

Graveyard near Queen street in Halifax.

Feeder pillar containing a ship painting

Beautifully painted feeder pillars in Halifax and surrounding areas. This one contains a ship.

Feeder pillars containing a tree painting

Feeder pillars with painted trees.

Feeder pillars containing a painting of a building

Feeder pillars with painted buildings.

recycling bins in Halifax

The city of Halifax raises awareness for recycling. There is not only bins in town, domestic recycling is well organized, too.

recycling station in Halifax

Individuals collect plastic bottles and cans in the streets of Halifax and deposit it here at this recycling centre.

washer on street to donate for free

A free washer available in Halifax County.

Windows with post-it art

Post-it art in Halifax centre.

Hand-written not on a tree

Worried property owners: "Please do not let dogs 'go' on our yard or trees!"

Market building with stands on the ground floor

An amazing Saturday market at Pier 21 at Halifax's waterfront. A mixture of all sorts of food, restaurants, artisanal vendors. It is impossible not to spend money there.

Sign on street promoting bicylcle awareness

"Bicycle awareness". Can this sign replace a pike path? Except one, I have not seen bike paths in Halifax or surroundings.

Bike path on bridge

This is the only bike path I have seen in Halifax. It has been built on the bridge that connects Halifax and Dartmouth.

Sign on street promoting drivers and bikers sharing the street

"Share the road". Nice reminder for car drivers to share the road with bikers. I'd love to see this sign more often.

Wodden sidewalk on street in Halifax

Wooden sidewalks to enable restaurant to create terraces and extend their space. I suppose they will disappear in winter times.

Church ad in Halifax County

"Is your soul at rest today? Sun 10 am" advertises pastor Bryan Hagerman from Regal Road Baptist Church in Halifax County. Church signs are not necessary typical for Halifax, but they are a truly Canadian thing.

Brigitte Schuster


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